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Day One Pre-CTF Training

WED | Nov 2 | 8am - 4pm | Virtual

Virtual pre-event training focusing on tactics, techniques, and tools in effecting the electrical sector by exploiting an electrical power system







Welcome to Hack the Power!



Electric Power 101

Topics include: intro to electric power (EP), generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power, systems and devices found within each, and redundancy and safeguards within local electrical systems.

Percival Engineering: Kayla Hoffman


DNP3 Application & Usage

Topics include: overview of DNP3 protocol, protocol structure and OSI layers, general use in ICS/SCADA environments, and how protocol applies to the SEL-351 Protection System.

Schweitzer Engineering (SEL): David Lowe & Joe Ferguson


Cyber Risk Management in OT Environment

Topics include: how to begin conversations on Industrial Cyber Risk, measuring and tracking with the Dragos ICRM equation, and leveraging consequence-driven, scenario-based risk discussion.

Dragos: Shelby Brooks & Miriam Lorbert


Modbus Protocol

Topics include: overview of Modbus protocol, the practical application of Modbus in EP environments, protocol structure and OSI layers, and reading and writing to Modbus holding, input, and coil registries.

Percival Engineering: William Lucas


Preparing Binaries for Reverse Engineering

Topics include: preparing firmware for Ghidra analysis, preparing raw binaries or memory dump for import into Ghidra (or other RE tools), and tools used to identify common scenarios such as byte swapping, endianness, and hardware-specific headers.

Percival Engineering: David Pocratsky


Password Cracking

Topics include: cryptographic hashing fundamentals, how to identify hash types, how passwords are hashed, how to programmatically crack passwords using consumer grade hardware, and how to protect yourself from password cracking attacks.

Cyber Skyline: Toby Lin


SCADA Honeypot Development

Topics include: overview of development of a SCADA Honeypot, accomplishments and lessons learned during development process, protocol and network connectivity within not only a single honeypot but a series of multiple interconnected instances to resemble a much larger network.

Schweitzer Engineering: Tracy Young


Triangle MicroWorks (TMW)

Tool 101

Topics in include: TMW Test Harness, a powerful tool for testing DNP3, IEC 60870-5, and Modbus devices. Hack the Power will utilize Test Harness during some challenges. This training is designed to familiarize you with basic functionality so you can easily use the tool during event.

Triangle MicroWorks: Matthew Green



Closing Remarks

WiCyS - CI


Pre-Event Social

Network with WiCyS, Sponsors, & Participants

Percival Engineering

Post-Event Social

Percival | 6220 Old Dobbin Ln | Suite 100 | Columbia MD 21045

Day Two CTF

THU | Nov 3 | 9am - 4:30pm | Virtual & In-person






CTF Phase One


Lunch & Networking


CTF Phase Two


Break & Wrap-UP




Post-Event Social at DreamPort

**agenda subject to change

In-Person @ DreamPort

7000 Columbia Gateway Dr | Columbia MD 21046

**If attending in-person you must bring your own laptop




While we are not partnered with any specific hotels for this event we can provide some recommendations based on proximity to event locations:

Event Locations

Pre-Event Social:

Percival Engineering

6220 Old Dobbin Lane Suite 100

Columbia, MD 21045

CTF & Post-Event Social:


7000 Columbia Gateway Drive

Columbia, MD 21046

frequently asked questions

  • If I registered but haven't received any emails or communications who do I contact?
  • Do I need specific tools or programs installed before the event?
    • No, all you need is a modern web browser and access to the internet
    • If attending in-person at DreamPort you must bring your own laptop
  • Is Pre-CTF Training completely virtual?
    • Yes, however if you are traveling in for the CTF you are welcome to attend the virtual training at Percival Engineering (limited seats available)
    • If you would like to attend training at Percival email merri.mcnamara@percivaleng.com
  • Are there other training resources available or recommended prior to the CTF?
    • Yes, there are resources posted on the Hack the Power Discord Channel
  • Is Hack the Power only for women since it is sponsored by Women in Cybersecurity?
    • No, this event is open to everyone

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